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Smiling makes you happy!


Did you know that you can train yourself to be happy and positive? It’s true! Our biology doesn’t always follow our emotions, and we can flip that equation and instantly change our mood and our perception. Mood and how you’re feeling heavily influences your success. It’s like a mindset thing. My friend Chris told me about this little experiment, if you want proof of this right now, if you don’t believe that going through the motions, or just kind of “faking it, until you make it”, if it doesn’t sound like that will really work, well then try this!


If you want to feel happy this morning, put a pencil in your mouth, bite and within 2 minutes of clamping down on the pencil, you’ll activate your “smile muscles” and when you smile, well, you’ll feel happy! It sounds implausible, but it’s really just biology, when we smile our bodies are designed to link all the hormones that go along with happiness.


The trick here is that we’re following our biology, not our emotions. If you want to take this experiment even further, go exercise for about 10 minutes. Don’t worry about your pace, just focus on smiling while you do it. In addition to getting all the great benefits from the workout, you’ll also have been smiling the whole time too!


If you’re not feeling great today, you owe it to yourself to try it!



The opposite of all this can be true too, so be careful with that. If you’re hunched over with bad posture, with a scowl on your face, and you maintain that for awhile on purpose, you’ll be in a worse place emotionally. So why not go through the motions today in a positive way? Worse thing that happens is you call me an idiot, lol. I’ve been called worse!


Have a great day everyone!

Your Friend,
Bill Shiffler

Coach at CrossFit Renaissance

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