Coach Tip Tuesday: Front Rack Mobility with Coach Justin

Front Rack Mobility

Whether we’re talking about a front squat, squat clean or any of the shoulder to overhead movements, having a solid front rack position can help make or break a lift. Tightness in the wrist and lats are often times the biggest factor that can keep us from maintaining a solid front rack position.


Here are two stretches that you can incorporate into your warmup or mobility routine before or even during open gym.

Wrist Stretch

Come down on all fours. 

Place your hands just outside of your shoulders.

From here rotate your wrists so that your fingers are pointed towards your body.

Hold this position for 30 seconds on / 30 seconds off to accumulate two minutes.

Banded Lat and Tricep Stretch

Grab a band and place one end of it under your foot.

Bring your hand through the other end of the band and loop it around your wrist.

Rotate your arm and pull your elbow up towards the ceiling.

Spend 30 seconds off / 30 seconds on alternating between both sides to accumulate two minutes.



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