Nutrition Busters Beware!

In the Renaissance Nutrition program, we identify habits that hold our clients them back from achieving their goals.  These are 4 common Nutrition Busting habits that come up again and again and the tips that have been proven to change them!  

  1. The Clean up Crew.  Slowly step away from the nugget…. Most parents are guilty of this nutrition foul.  A nugget here. A handful of fries there. The crust. An unfinished grilled cheese.  While we absentmindedly clean up after our kids have stopped eating, the calories are racking up.  It might not break the bank, but you will eventually feel the results of the additional calories. The best option – feed the kids the same nutritious foods you are preparing for yourself.  Wishful thinking? If the “kid food” stays part of the routine, stay thoughtful about what you put in your mouth. Have a plan for the left overs before their plate hits the table
  2. The “Pre-Gamer”.   A VERY common nutrition buster is the pre-dinner “snack”.   You are preparing the nutritious balanced meal that you PLANNED, and while you stand at the counter, you start to snack.  It’s like the book “If you give a Mouse a Cookie”. Maybe you pour a glass of wine. If you have a glass of wine, you’re going to want some cheese.  When you have the cheese, you’ll want a cracker to go along with it. When the crackers are done, you’ll want something sweet, so you’ll have a piece of chocolate.  And without even realizing it, you have eaten a dinner’s worth of calories before dinner is even on the table! How to avoid this PreGame overload? Don’t skip your balanced late afternoon snack.  When you skip it, you’ll be extra hungry before their dinner is ready and may over snack.
  3. The Office Partier.  It is absolutely amazing how there is always somethign to celebrate at the office.  We congregate with our coworkers almost daily for a birthday, bridal shower, new baby, anniversary or retirement  Food comes in from the weekend – cakes, muffins, cookies, chips and dip, candy baskets. Instead of throwing “good food” away, it is set up on a table in a high traffic area for us to pick at all day long.  This in-office snacking is a tough habit to break – there is a hint of social pressure too. (go ahead and have the cake!) Brutal. Here is a tip: plan a snack or treat for yourself ahead of time. Log it in for the day, and eat when you are feeling the urge to hit the treat table.  Or grab a co-worker as an accountability partner and agree to avoid it together!
  4. The Weekend Wrecker.   TGIF!  Consistency is the name of the game when it comes to weight loss and nutrition.  We have a tendency to go super strict Monday-Thursday – meal prep, healthy choices, VEGGIES, limited sweets.  But when Friday hits, “I have been good” or “I deserve this” pops into our minds and we head for the pizza and ice cream!  If this is your pattern, one suggestion would be the 80/20 rule for weekdays. Make healthy choices 80% of the time, and allow yourself 20% wiggle room for the occasional 1/2 cup of ice cream, cookie, or glass of wine.  The goal is to not feel so deprived during the week so you don’t feel the need to go crazy on the weekends.

Knowing what we “SHOULD EAT” isn’t always the barrier to weight loss.  It’s figuring out how to change the habits that prevent us from making a healthy diet part of our everyday life.  Renaissance Nutrition has helped over 100 clients look at their individual habits and make small behavior changes that they can hold on to.  Small Changes over time lead to big results.  Hungry for help? Book a Nutrition Intro today! 

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Jessica Thomas,  CrossFit/Nutrition/Youth



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