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Open Gym: What is it for?

Open Gym


If you’ve never tried putting in a little extra work, now’s your chance!

Open Gym is an add-on to your CrossFit Group Membership for an additional $40/month.
Those with an Unlimited Membership have access to Open Gym free of charge.

Open Gym is a time for our members to try new things, do their ‘homework’, if given by your coach during a skill session, or practice a particular movement you are trying to master. This is the time to come in and have some FUN, as well as some flexibility outside of normal class times.

Please note, other than Sundays, Open Gym is not to be used as make up day or doing a WOD uncoached (we want to make sure you’re moving well and as someone smarter than me said:  “practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice does”).

The gym space and equipment is available to you during the following Open Gym time slots:

Monday – Friday: 9am – 10am; 11am- 12pm

Monday – Thursday:  **4:00pm-5:00pm, 6:00pm-7:00pm, 7pm-8pm **

Sunday 10am-11am (all memberships have access to this Open Gym hour)

**Open Gym during this hour is subject to cancellation due to space/attendance of other activities. Please reserve for Open Gym so staff is available to open gym and/or notify you of space availability when necessary.

Please note that all classes and scheduled activities take precedence over use of space and equipment.

If you would like to add Open Gym to your membership, see one of the Coaches!

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