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Easy, balanced and delicious sheet pan meals

Easy, Balanced and Tastes Great! Here’s why we love these 3 sheet pan recipes.

I am always on the hunt for easy weeknight dinner recipes that are well-balanced, and nutritious.  They get a 100% in my book if they taste so good that my whole family enjoys them!

Easy is important because weeknights are crazy!.  After finishing work for the day, I rush off to take the kids to sports or grab a workout at the gym, make dinner and try to get organized to do it all again the next day.    I want to get healthy food on the table that will fuel the whole family,  but I can’t spend an hour getting it ready.  It needs to be simple and quick.  Are you with me? 

One of the worst things you can do when you are trying to change your diet and eat healthy is make it too complicated.  Too many ingredients and complicated directions.  Instead, look for recipes with minimal ingredients and clear directions with minimal steps to keep the prep time to a minimum.  (more on time saving ideas in another post!)

Well-balanced is something I am always thinking about for my fam.  It’s easy to eat a diet made up of processed carbs and fats.  The key to eating well balanced meals more consistently is to plan meals out ahead of time.  They should include lean proteins, a controlled portion of carbs, lots of fruits and veggies, and a small portion of healthy fats.   

Healthy food doesn’t have to be bland!  Boiled chicken, steamed broccoli and rice is a fine meal.  Protein focused, gets the veggies in, and no hidden fats from sauces or dressings.   It’s uncomplicate and healthy – but it’s also pretty boring.   By focusing on healthy cooking methods, dialing up the seasonings, and including lots of vegetables, we can have great tasting meals that will also help us achieve our nutritional goals.  

Sheet pan dinners are a simple and quick way to get a balanced home-cooked meal on the table during the week.  Minimal prep, limited ingredients, and only one pan to clean!  

One of my favorite websites for recipes – the RealFoodDieticians – offers a nice variety of delicious sheet pan dinner recipes.   When I make one of their recipes, I know I am getting what I need for my dietary goals, and that my husband and kids will eat them up!

Here are 3 of my family’s favorite sheet pan recipes: 

  1.  Sheet Pan Mini Meatloaf With Vegetables
  2. Sheet Pan Mediterranean Chicken And Veggies
  3. One-Pan Chicken Caesar Veggie Bake

Include one of these or other sheet pan recipes to your menu for next week! 

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