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Power Clean, Prowler Push, Sprint


Power Clean – 7 rep max


4 efforts, for time:

Prowler Push 40yds 180/90#

Sprint 40yds


Today’s starts with a power effort on the power clean. The number is one we don’t see often, and the purpose of this is to be able to perform in the “unknown” realm. Most times we want to be somewhat linear and progressive with the movements, so we can predict progress and ensure outcomes a bit more, but sometimes we want a test that mimics what we may see in life. And life tends to not send us a memo like “hey you’re going to need to sprint for 2 blocks and jump a fence when that dog chases you on Friday” We want to be prepared for what life throws at us.

Then we see everyone’s favorite implement for the first time this year! The prowlers! Why are these so tough? The effort in and of itself, time domain wise, is brutal. It’s a sprint and sprints are very demanding of the body. Add on top of that, that you are in a compromised position for breathing and you’ve got a recipe for some pain (in a good way?)

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