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The week in review…

We skipped an issue last week. Sorry folks. But we are back in action.

First off, a big welcome to our new members. Welcome to the family. Get ready for the open classes this week, it’s gonna be a hell of a ride.

Ok then, the week started off with Grace. Tuesday nights class was a sea of barbells, it was a good look. Big ups to Ryan for crushing it and getting a full 1 minute PR on this one. One of two questions this week is: who will be the first to a sub 2 minute grace? We should start odds on it.

400m walking lunge. No weight. Just once around the block and bring it home. Ha. This one is pure muscular endurance. But it was a nice cool 95 degrees, so easy money.

Then the heat really got turned on. I like to call it surface of the sun training. 103 degrees outside, nothing but PRs going on in the gym. Let me just say that our women are killing it! Every one of them nabbed at least a 5kg PR on deadlifts, one 15kg. New shirt idea “our women can beat up your men” and it will be true. Now for the next question: Who will be the first to a 600lb Deadlift? We have 5 guys over 500 and a couple others not far behind. I guess we didn’t get the memo that CrossFit doesn’t make you strong.

So at 7am on on Friday it was at least 90 degrees in the gym. Not an issue. Everyone gave all they had as usual. No excuses, including bitching about the weather. Rock on.

Saturday we went with a CF Football style WOD. I’m a big fan of these type of percentage based metcons. It really evens out for relative strength.

Lastly, Good luck to Pat. He’s leaving us for awhile for work. Go represent us down at CF Ocean City. See you when you get back brother.

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