WOD: Push Jerk, Push Press, Burpee Pull ups

– Strength: Earlier this month we finished some speed work in an Overhead Barbell Complex, now it’s time to put that work to test and shoot for a #5 PR in the Push Jerk. Make sure to watch for common mistakes during the dip, lifting the heels, dropping the elbows, and dropping so fast that the bar separates from your shoulders.


Push Jerk: Build to a heavy 1 rep in 6-8 sets. Rest 2:00-3:00 between sets.

– Goal: 5# PR
– Last tested 7/12


– Metcon: This a very tough workout that we’ve tested a few times (last tested 7/15).   Make sure to think about performing the push press in as few sets as possible to avoid having to clean the bar to the rack position. The weight should be challenging to complete sets of 10-12 throughout, but many of you should be able to go UB with this one.

Metcon: “The Surprise”

For time:
Push Press (135/95)
Burpee Pull-ups

– Goal: Hard effort.
*Last Tested 7/15

Rx+ Additional Training, Rest 8 minutes, then:

For time:
alt KB Snatch total (53/35)
Ring Dips – any style


Accessory Work:

Banded Pull Aparts:  2:00 AMReps
Goal: 100+

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