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Bill’s 2016 Bodybuilding Pre-Contest Plan

I decided to embark on another journey to the bodybuilding stage. It has been about 9 years since my last competition and honestly, I never thought I’d do it again. My good friend, and old training partner, Dante told me he’s getting back on stage this year after a similar layoff as mine, and I figured why not give it one more shot. Let’s see what kind of physique all these years of training like an athlete (i.e. CrossFit), as opposed to training purely for aesthetics, has produced. Will it stand up to a high level on the bodybuilding stage still?


First things first, some relevant numbers:


3500 Kcal=1 pound fat

500 Kcal restriction daily/3500 Kcal restriction week= 1# weight loss per week

My BMR (or maintenance level)= Roughly 2,730 Kcal Daily


Currently 201.5# (But I’ll base my numbers off of 195#, I went HARD during the holidays! #winterswoleseason) I probably need to lose about 25#-30# to be contest ready. 1.25# week weight loss=5# month. So I should be should lose the 25# in 5 months. My estimated BMR (Basal metabolic rate) or Maintenance level, where I do not gain or lose weight, is around 2,730 Kcal. To lose about 1.25 pounds per week: Calorie deficit should be around- 625Kcal/day  which equals 2105 Kcal a day.


225g Protein (920 Kcal) BWTx1.15 /Fat-60g (547 Kcal) (26% total calories)/175g (700 Kcal) carbs (remaining calories allotted, but also = BWTx.9). I’m starting my carbs on the higher side. Basically, I’m giving myself some credit for becoming a little more insulin sensitive over the years and also, I’d like to see what I can get away with, while still losing bodyfat. Additionally, carbs are protein sparing, so I shouldn’t need my protein as high. I don’t want to restrict too much (calories or carbs) in the beginning and have nowhere to go. The good thing about this time around is that I am not married to a date to be on stage. If I’m ready by end of May, that would be great. There’s a few shows I’d like to do in May, but if it takes a little longer, that’s ok too.


So one more time- Numbers are 225g Protein/175g Carbohydrate/60g Fat


I’ll eat 4-5 times a day.


Macronutrient Timing:


Protein: This is the easy one. I’ll keep protein fairly constant throughout the day, maybe opting for slightly higher on lower carb meals.


4 meal day= 56g/meal

5 meal day= 45g/meal




Breakfast= 15% daily carb intake (25g)

Pre-workout meal should account for 30% daily carb intake (50g)

Peri/post workout shake should account for 20% daily carb intake (35g)

Post workout meal- 25% daily carb intake (40g)

Remaining 10% carbs for the day with remaining meals, most likely in form of vegetables (25g)

Most days I’ll train at 10a, so I’ll combine pre workout carbs and breakfast into one meal.




During Higher carb meals, I’ll try to keep fat as low as possible, so:


Breakfast: 8g

Pre-Workout 4g

Peri/post- 0-1g

Remaining split, more or less, evenly: 47g




Assuming I’m on pace (losing about 1.25#/week) My first refeed will be at 2 weeks in. I’m going to stretch out my refeeds in the beginning, as I estimate my bf% at about 15%, maybe a little higher. No need to be super accurate here, but I’m in the ballpark. Higher bf% need less refeeds. As I start to reduce my bf% my refeed frequency will need increase (maybe once every 10 days then once a week.) I don’t expect to need more than once per week at all, but I’ll leave all options open. And it will look like this:


I’ll go back to my estimated maintenance calorie level for the refeed day. So I’ll go to 2,730 Kcal. Protein to 195g  (780 Kcal)(bwtx1), Carbs at 305g (1,220 Kcal) (75% higher than daily) 80g fat (730 Kcal)


Probably want to drop protein even lower, or simply drop overall calories (take some from the fat). Again I’ll evaluate what I’m doing with my first refeed after evaluating the first 7-10 days of the nutrition plan here.


If I’m not on pace I’ll have to re-do my macronutrient numbers. It’s important to note, that because I just “roughed” my BMR that there is definitely a chance I over or under estimated my inital numbers. There’s a little bit of trial and error to this.  


There it is, the beginning of a solid, science based, nutrition plan to shed major bodyfat while preserving as much lean body mass along the way as possible!



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  1. I think the picture of a dragon in a lab coat should come out again! This scientist has gone mad! Have fun with it and good luck to you two! Am here, all the way!

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