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12/1/09 Burpee SquatFest

Or did I mean SuckFest?! Here’s a main site WOD for you all:

AMRAP in 20 min.:

25 Burpees
15 Back Squats w/ Body Weight

Go below parallel!

Why you ask? Here’s what Bill Starr has to say in his little piece ALWAYS DO FULL SQUATS:

Partial squats are never good.
They neglect the hips and hamstrings.
When an athlete stops above parallel
His knee joints are forced to halt the
Downward momentum.
But once the athlete goes below parallel
that stress is transferred to the more
Powerful groups in the hips, hamstrings,
And adductors.
Full squats keep all these muscle groups
Proportionately strong.

-Bill Starr
Strength Coach
John Hopkins University
Sept. 1997

3 thoughts on “12/1/09 Burpee SquatFest”

  1. How’s it going everyone. Cheking in here from Mombasa, Kenya.

    Did anyone do this WOD? I plan to avoid it for as long as possible.

  2. Still can’t believe your in Kenya… Live it up Brotha.

    Mike P did this one.
    4 rounds at the buzzer:
    20 burpees
    10 reps 50kg squats

    Prollly could have gone heavier.

    Also, if you have Jeff’s number send it my way and I’ll touch base w/ him. Supposedly he came and left today. Not sure why b/c Mike didn’t see him and I was early.

    Laterz Homie!

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