Ray Winkis Fundraiser Workout

Here at CrossFit Renaissance, we pride ourselves on being a family. We care about all of our members both at the gym and home. Recently, one of our own lost a family member and now they are dealing with the financial fallout of medical expenses.

The Bogans have been with us for a while now. Many of you may have not met Bob and Bill’s younger brother Tyler. Tyler did about a month of personal training with us a while back. Tyler has a promising future in both school and football.

Tyler’s Dad, Ray Winkis sounds like a guy who could have fit in nicely in our CrossFit family. He loved life and was the life of the party. He golfed, surfed and bowled more than 1 perfect game. He loved and cherished his wife and son.

Ray was diagnosed with Cancer 12 years ago, he fought with all his might. He Never looked back, always waiting for the next golf game or catching a wave, but two months ago, he passed away. Due to his medical expenses, they lost their home when he was still alive but now the rental apartment his wife and Tyler resides is just shy of being locked on them.

The Bogan family had a benefit recently and raised about $3000.00. It’s a beginning and we are hoping that we can come together as a family and support them with a fundraiser.

Ray at the beach:

We love our Crossfit Renaissance parties, this time lets party for a good cause and for one of our own.

We are going to hold a fundraiser workout on Saturday March 31st, starting at 10am. The workout will be a group workout. The suggested donation will be $25.00. Please respond ASAP, either here in the comments or at the gym.

We will follow up with one of our signature CrossFit Renaissance parties. Per the usual, we will ask everyone to bring some food or drink. We will have a signup sheet at the gym.

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