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The Week in Review. It’s Back.

The week in review. It’s Back:

Another awesome week at the gym.

First and foremost a big congratulations to Bob and Mike on their new additions. Bob’s daughter Emily Bogan and Mike’s daughter Lilly Sabatino made their way into the world this week. And they still managed to make it into the gym. Mike was still wearing his hospital band…awesome.

Wednesday was one of our biggest classes ever and it was epic. The WOD was Jason. Ryan worked like a frickin’ machine for close to an hour, quit doesn’t exist for this guy. Pat got his first Muscle Up and then proceeded to do 50! Never heard of anything like that. Not to be outdone Chris goes on to destroy it, even though he did the WOD at 7pm with the only motivation being internal. Loving the competitive push recently in the gym. Keep it up guys. I know, for sure, it’s making everyone work harder.

Reese went straight ballistic on the Death by Burpees+HSPU WOD. Eeeking out about 2 more rounds then I though humanly possible. Just as an aside, dude looks like a damn heavyweight contender nowadays right?

We welcomed Frank and Bob into their first week of open classes. Death by burpees was on the menu for Frank. What a welcome.

Everyone’s Olympic lifts are really starting to come along. Snatches on Friday proved this. And by the way, if the run felt short on Friday, it was. My bad, blame it on lack of sleep/coffee that morning. I measured out .5km thinking that was 800m. Doh.

We rounded the week off with our first Park WOD. We had great weather and as usual everyone kicked a bunch of ass. Check out our youtube channel to see some video of the WOD.

Rock on.

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