Tomorrow’s Fundraiser Group Workout

3 People per group

100 Burpees
100 Single Unders
100 Swings
150 Single Unders
100 Situps
200 Single Unders
100 Goblet Squats
250 Single Unders

Then Every person completes a 75 Yard Bear Crawl.

-Only one person working at a time. Every member must complete at least 25% of total reps for each movement (High level math for some of you I know!)
-During the bear crawls the other 2 members must be in a plank (on forearms) position with hips in line with the body. If either of the 2 members drop or hips rise or lower for more than 2 seconds, the person crawling must also stop until those in a plank get back in position.
-The bear crawls must be done in 25 yard increments only, but one person can complete as much of their 75 yards as the team sees fit at any time.

2 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s Fundraiser Group Workout”

  1. It really means a lot to us that Bill and Joyce have gone out of their way to put on this fundraiser and that so many of you all are coming out and supporting. We feel so lucky to have found a gym like this and blessed to have become a part of the crossfit family. As a small token of our appreciation my nimble little fingers have spent a good portion of the night wrapping mini sausage links in bacon, that’s right bacon, its a meat on meat extravaganza.

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