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05/06/09 WOD- Strong!

Deadlift, 3,3,3 Turkish Get Up- 3,3,3

Aw Hell…Let’s do a girl.

This will be our first Benchmark WOD. Hit it hard. Cindy 5 Pull-ups 10 Push-ups 15 Squats As many rounds as possible in 20 min…

Strength Fest Recap- A true testament to CrossFit

Man, yesterday really was a blast. I competed in Strength Fest at my friend Steve Pulcinella’s Ironsport gym 10th anniversary celebration. Steve really put on…

Sunday 05/03 Schedule Change

Just a heads up for tomorrow. I will be competing in Strength Fest at Ironsport Gym tomorrow from 10am-2pm. There will be no 10am or…

05/02/09 WOD

Back Squat- 3,3,3,3 Finished off with bodyweight on the bar for max reps in one set.

Opening Day WOD 05/01/09

5 rounds for time of: 20- Calorie Row 15- 45lb Barbell Thruster 10- Burpees 5- 2 Pood KB Swings

Videos Updated

We have been having some fun setting this place up, and can’t wait to open this week. See you all on Friday morning! Here I…

Berger Beater

AMRAP 5 burpees 10 1.5 pood KB Swing 15 Squats

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