Shiffler House Menu 7/8-7/14

Week 2 of the paleo challenge:

Refer to last week for breakfast 1 and 2.


Breakfast- #1
Lunch- Lunch at leziz in south st. (Usually order lamb, eggplant and vegetables)
Dinner- Grilled steak, plantains, asparagus


Breakfast- #1
Lunch- Turkey romaine wraps w/ tomato. Fruit. Sweet potato.
Dinner- Osso Bucco, Kale Salad, Fried sweet potato in coconut oil.



Coconut Pancakes


Leftovers from Monday dinner


Curry Chicken
Fried Plantains


Breakfast #2


Leftovers from tuesday dinner


Spicy Chops
Sweet potato
Green vegetable


Breakfast #1
Lunch- Leftovers from wednesday Dinner
Dinner- Hamburgers on romaine, Sweet potato fries


Breakfast- #2
Lunch- Leftovers from Thursday
Dinner- Chile, Sweet potato, Kale


Breakfast #1
Lunch- Leziz on south street
Dinner- Grilled Steak, Plantains, Asparagus

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  1. Osso Bucco

    4 veal/beef shank
¼ c coco. Oil
2 c onion

    1 carrot
1 red bell
1 T garlic

    ½ c white wine

    1 c chicken broth
1 T lemon juice
28 oz whole tomato

    1 T basil

    ¼ t salt
1 t pepper
2 sprig thyme

    Preheat oven 350.

    Dust meat with pepper and salt.

    Heat oil on high and brown meat 3 min/side.

    Set aside.

    Medium high heat sauté onion, garlic, bell, carrot for 5min.

    High heat add wine and broth,

    Deglaze and add lemon, tomatoes, salt, pepper.

    Cook uncovered to reduce liquid by 1/3

    Add shanks and sauce to pan. Cover in oven for 90-120 min.

  2. Kale Salad

    1 bunch kale chopped

    4 radish chopped

    ¾ c sundried tomato

    2 granny smith chopped

    ¾ c parsley chopped

    ¾ c mint chopped
1 c toasted pecan
salt and pep
½ c lemon juice

    ½ c olive oil

    Mix everything and dress it

  3. Coconut Pancakes

    4 egg
1 c coconut milk
2 t vanilla
1 T honey

    ½ c coconut flour

    1 t baking soda

    ½ t salt

    ¼ t cinnamon

    Preheat pan medium heat

    Beat all ingredients together until blended

    Grill on greased pan, 2-3 min/side and 3” diameter

  4. Spicy Chops

    2.5 T paprika

    2 T garlic powder

    1 T salt
1 T onion powder

    1 T oregano

    1 T pepper

    1 T cayenne
1 T thyme

    8 pork chops

    1. Preheat 350.

    2. Mix spices in bowl and coat chops thoroughly with mix.

    3. Line baking pan with chops and cook about 30 min. or until cooked through

  5. Chile

    1 ancho chile
2 red chile

    1 lb beef cubed (chuck or tenderloin)

    1 T cumin

    2 chipotle pepper

    1 lb ground beef

    2 c onion

    28 oz crushed tomato

    28 oz whole tomato

    4 T tomato paste
4 c bell pepper

    ¼ c coconut oil

    Brown cubes in coconut

    Mix in spices, ground beef, , onion.

    Add beef stock and simmer

    Add tomato and beef cubes, peppers

    Simmer 1.5-2 hr

  6. Snacks are generally: 1/4 bar Dark chocolate and almonds, Beef jerky and nuts and/or fruit, macaroons. Also, I keep in whey protein in post workout.even during the challenge.

    1. where or what kind of beef jerky…..I see some in stores but it has soy..?? and what about pork rinds..yes or no?

      1. I have some jack links jerky that does not have soy in it. One of our members, Pat Dever, gave me a bunch. If you remind me I’ll give you a bag to try. Pork rinds are ok, Just check the ingredients. None of these are optimal, but do fine as snacks occasionally.

  7. We keep a decent amount of carbs in our diet. If you are looking to lean out quickly, you might considers a little less carbs. Don’t drop them entirely, because you do need glycogen to fuel your training.

    If you have questions, fire off.

  8. Adrienne Pipitone

    I just looked at the coconut oil label. What’s up with saturated fat? Quite a difference when compared to olive oil so why are they both ok?

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