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Heroes WOD Randy

For time: 75lb power snatch, 75 reps

05/10/09 WOD

Press- 2,2,2,2 100- 1.5 pood KB clean and press for time.


3 Rounds: Run 1 mile Rest as needed between efforts.


05/08/09 In anticipation of Dante’s visit I had to program a brutal workout. This one’s for you brother. Here’s one my buddy Jim and I…

An archived mainsite WOD, enjoy.

05/07/09 For time: Run 400 meters 21 L-Pull-ups 21 Handstand push-ups Run 400 meters 15 L-Pull-ups 15 Handstand push-ups Run 400 meters 9 L-Pull-ups 9…

05/06/09 WOD- Strong!

Deadlift, 3,3,3 Turkish Get Up- 3,3,3

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